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Who We Are?

UNINKO is an unique compounder and formulator of engineering resins, specializing in manufacturing custom compounded engineering plastics. We also supply world-class tradename unfilled prime engineering base resins in original manufacturer packages as well as generic prime base resins. We pride ourselves on providing creative solutions to your most difficult molding and extrusion problems, at cost savings over the competition. UNINKO offers a wide range of plastics, integrated with all the benifits of a high-efficient business model and technology innovation. Private ownership and innovation led organization allows UNINKO to provide fast responsive and imagineering solutions, and is the foundation of our innovative work & efforts to supply thermoplastic materials customized for specific end-use applications.

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We can formulate:

Reinforced Plastic Compounds Flame Retardant CompoundsWear Resistant CompoundsConductive Plastic Compounds
High-Temp Specialty Plastics Thermoplastic Elastomer Plastics Alloy / Blends Plastics Color Matching

UNINKO specializes in Application Specific Thermoplastic Compounds and highly customized compounding service, considered as a nuisance by some of market players are the challenges on which UNINKO thrives.

UNINKO is powered by continuously innovative expertise and unique business insights paving its way to cost-effective lean manufacturing and flexible, high-efficient R&D, Technical Marketing & Sales, Global Logistics, Distribution intergrated business model.

UNINKO loves to work with customers in developing new applications from the design stage. UNINKO enjoys carrying out Co-Operative Development Program with endusers & customers.  UNINKO 's global sourcing network and cutting-edge compounding expertise enable us to provide most economical formulation of every applicaton.

UNINKO strives for going beyond and perfection on being extremely responsive and providing individual attention while offering global solutions to cover OEM and molders’ needs. By providing thermoplastic compounds and marketing support globally, we are exclusively offering materials that will meet the demands of various competitive applications.

UNINKO's Vision

To be a well-respected, innovation-driven and built-to-last company in the industry.

UNINKO's Core Value

Unique Innovation; Enthusiasm; Diligence; Concentration

UNINKO's Mission

Committed to value innovation, to provide our customers with the most comprehensive, most cost-effective engineering plastics solutions and the best service and response time in the industry. 

Committed to technology innovation, to promote the industry changes and make human life more beautiful.

Committed to management innovation, to maximize stimulation of the employees' potential and enthusiasm, so that every empolyee could be fully developed.

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